Allyssa Dobkins wins 2015 Alysia Wilson Memorial Gablette Scholarship

Congratulations to Allyssa Dobkins, recipient of the 2015 Alysia Wilson Memorial Gablette Scholarship. Among many of Allyssa’s accomplishments are: 3.786 GPA, Student Activities as Class President 2012-2015, and Principal’s Sophomore, Junior Award. “The tiny Gablette” who did will be attending Dartmouth College.

Dear Allyssa,
It is a pleasure to inform you that you have been chosen to receive the annual Alysia Wilson Gablette Scholarship Award. It is your qualities of moral standards, your integrity, leadership and sincere friendliness that make you the chosen award winner. These are the qualities for which Alysia was so much admired and loved by her fellow Gablettes. It is our hope that her memory be of value to like minded members of the Gablettes and that these funds assist you in the pursuit of your future goals in life. There were several very outstanding candidates. Thus you and your family should be proud that you are the recipient of this scholarship, commemorating the life of Alysia.
On behalf of Alysia Wilson, the Wilson Family, and Lady Lynn Wilson Spohrer:
Congratulations Allyssa.
Lynn Wilson