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We are an organization committed to helping those diagnosed with cancer navigate through the difficult choices they confront . This website is dedicated to the memory of our beloved family member, mother, and friend, Alysia Michelle Wilson Hernandez, whose life was cut short by this deadly disease.


*This website is in progress, here is preview:

1. Dedicated to Alysia Michelle Wilson, a Miami native and 43-year-old wife and mother of two, who tragically and prematurely died May 30 (Memorial Day) 2011, just 12 months after being diagnosed with Stage-4 lung, brain and spinal cancers (neural endocrine cancer).

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2. Warning about medical advice, not to completely trust doctors or the medical establishment, do some research on your own, and get other opinions. Show facts on the failure rates of chemo and radiation therapy. Why do doctors administer failed techniques?

3. Provide info and links about cancer, especially neural endocrine cancer, Alysia’s type.

4. Advice? Alternative treatments?

5. Testimonials and comments.

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